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Rent-Free Gases

David Harries and Co stock & supply a wide range of bottled gases,
for Gas-Cutting, Welding, Tyre-Servicing, Air-Conditioning servicing and other uses.


Please see below, or contact us to discuss your requirements and learn how you can
take advantage of our simple rent-free bottle-swapping service.

CO2/Argon Mix

argonmix.jpgWe stock 10L, 20L and 30L refillable bottles of both 5% CO2/Argon Mix and 15% CO2/Argon Mix.

These mixes are ideal for the typical garage user (5%) or the more industrial/agricultural (15%) user.

For Mini-Mig users we can supply regulators and adapters to connect refillable bottles to the small plastic pipe on your machine.

Pure Argon

pure-argon.jpgFor TIG welding, we have 10L, 20L and 30L bottles of Pure Argon available. Pure Argon is also used to MIG weld aluminium while using a different wire.

Remember, No Rental Charges


there's no rent on our gas bottles

We do not charge rental on our cylinders! We charge a cylinder deposit that is 100% refundable, forever! You can keep a cylinder 5 years and not be charged a penny more than the cost of our gas, when you return the cylinder we will always give you your full deposit back!


We stock SGS 10L, 20L and 30L refillable bottles of Oxygen, these industrial grade cylinders are perfect for use with Acetylene or our new product Pro Fuel!


Pro Fuel

We also supply SGS Pro Fuel, our latest product which replaces Acetylene and burns at a very similar temperature. 

Used to carry out gas welding, cutting, heating or brazing, acetylene primary flames reach 3100°C whereas Profuel is a little lower at 2950°C this compared to propane at 2600°C makes a big difference. The Profuel secondary flame burns twice as hot as acetylene and is a much safer gas to use.

However as this is a different gas we suggest end users adjust their settings. We also stock a range of Pro Fuel specific nozzles, which give the very best results.

Pro Fuel Nozzles


We also keep both Lightweight and Type 5 torches in stock, see below.




Type 5


Air Conditioning

thumb-nitrogen-gas-bottles.jpgAs the supply of disposable R134A gas bottles has been discontinued, SGS Gases have sourced a supply of 12Kg refillable bottles. These are supplied upon payment of a refundable deposit, plus the cost of the gas.

Nitrogen (OFN)

Oxygen-Free Nitrogen is available for pressure testing as the release of refrigerant gases into the atmosphere has been outlawed.

We can also supply couplings to connect our bottles to your machine.

Leak Trace

SGS Gases are proud to announce SGS Leak Trace, a 5% Hydrogen/Nitrogen mix to be used with Hydrogen sniffing equipment for leak detection in automotive air conditioning systems. These will find the smallest of leaks quickly,  minimizing the time spent searching for that tiny leak with the traditional nitrogen method. 

Remember, No Rental Charges

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